It has been G-Tech Solutions endeavor to bring in change to the different products and services offered; one such area G-Tech is actively playing a primary role is in the Digital Marketing Media space.

G-Tech is helping organizations to move the static digital image display to various modes of display and adding interactive option, allowing User to choose and to have enhanced 3-D experience.

This area has unique challenges in getting the quality at a price point closer the Clients acceptance and G-Tech is equipped to deliver.

Some of the areas of Digital Marketing services include the following.

Virtual Reality

A true real life immersive viewing with touch points to interact with, giving user a virtual feel of the physical model. The application space can be vast and can easily be adapted to any industry vertical.

Video Walls

An advertiser's delight with display panels covering up walls and pushing information, which can be enabled with interactive interface.

Augmented Reality

App based interactive visualization enabled on the mobile or a tab, which gives user the experience of being in the real world blended through digital components that give an enhanced viewing.