Hardware, Logistics and Services

G-Tech enjoys a long term Partnership engagements with various OEMs viz. Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Acer, IBM, Sun, Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco, Hitachi, etc.

G-Tech also has over time acquired extensive experience in managing hardware deliveries to any location in India and is well equipped to handle all logistic challenges on behalf of the Clients. Most of the Clients have trusted us with business application software implementation on the hardware ordered, which has been done in big numbers – Value-Add Services.

Also, helps lot of organizations to manage Clients site for Hardware, Networking, Server and other issues related through Facilities Management Service by engaging experienced staff at Client's office locations in Mumbai.

Full-color,Functional 3D Printing

  • Indelibly apply graphics and text to parts to include QR
  • codes, part numbers, instructions or safety warnings.

Best-In-Class Z-Strength

  • Ideal for functional prototypes,
  • tooling and end-use parts.

Easy To Use ,Fastest Time To Part

  • Minimal, clean pre- and post-processing.

Digitally Augmented Parts

  • Text, images and QR codes for traceability,
  • built-in trust and IP controls.

Safe Materials And Process

  • People safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Suits office, production and field use.

Lowest Cost Of Ownership

  • From initial investment to operational costs;
  • a trained technician is not required.